The Internet Delivers With A ‘Breaking Bad’ & ‘My Two Dads’ Mash-Up

    Anyone who watches Breaking Bad must feel some sympathy for Jesse Pinkman. On one hand, he’s trying to get paid and cook meth — and Walter White certainly encourages him to do so. On the other hand, former Gustavo Fring enforcer Mike Ehrmantraut wants him to straighten up and not be so careless. In fact, it’s almost like Jesse has two dads, and each one is telling him to take a different direction in life. 

    For people who remember the early ’90s TV series My Two Dads, this mash-up of the programs is probably going to crack you up. If you’re too young to recall (or if you just happened to have fine taste in television back then), all you need to know is that a spunky little kid ended up with two dads. This was over 20 years ago, so it wasn’t two dads the way you’re probably thinking about it. Instead, it was just two guys coming together to raise a little girl — nothing weird about that. Just like there’s nothing weird about fighting over the soul of one of the best meth cookers in New Mexico. 

    [That’s What She Said]