The Insane Clown Posse Want Your Baby’s Derision Too


    This Insane Clown Posse shit has to be performance art, right? I mean, if it is, the internet will done explode. This could be the greatest stunt of all time; better than that Lonely Girl crap, or whatever other internet hoax you can think of. Because it’s just gotten to another level: Violent J’s son, Violent JJ, has released a new single called “Bad Bad Man,” which features JJ threatening to hurt your knees (because he is so short, he can only punch you there) and “rapping” about he is a bad, bad man. He also apparently wrestles? Like real adult wrestles? And wins? I suspect wrestling might be fake. I just can’t wait for the response from Juggalos who are going to claim this shows how family is important, or something. Juggalo baby rap #1. [AV Club]