The Incredible Saga of the My Bloody Valentine Reissues


    Two years ago a set of remastered promos of My Bloody Valentine’s Loveless and Isn’t Anything were sent out to journalists, apparently heralding a fresh chance to hear these classic albums as Kevin Shields always intended them to sound. You can read Taylor Parkes’ excellent reviews of the reissues over here at the Quietus, which were posted on June 10, 2008.


    Unfortunately the reissues never actually made it into stores or into any kind of downloadable online format, causing people to speculate over whether these records will ever be released. Naturally, My Bloody Valentine fans are used to waiting, but with these discs apparently all set and even in the hands of a lucky few, the setbacks surrounding these reissues may be the most agonizing delay Shields has foisted on his audience to date.  


    The only known hold up is apparently centered on the sleeve notes for the albums, which the singer/guitarist is laboring over in much the same way he releases records—ie. very, very slowly. This thread on the Ilxor boards charts some of the release dates Loveless has had, including March 9, 2009, April 6, 2009, June 1, 2009, July 6, 2009, and many, many others. The latest release date according to various online stores was July 6, 2010, which was then bumped to August 23, 2010.


    Will these things ever see the light of day? Here’s the Amazon page for the Loveless reissue, although only those with a homicidally patient nature are recommended to bookmark it and check it periodically.