The Horrors Discuss Their New Direction

    The Horrors’ surprising Krautpop inspired comeback song, “

    Sea Within a Sea

    ”, has sparked plenty of


    online. It’s perhaps not surprising that some people are doubting their genuine love of Can and Neu!, although the band members have always been vocal about their love of collecting archaic vinyl curios. And if they continue producing songs as great as “Sea Within a Sea,” and turn their youthful audience on to a bunch of music made by hairy German men from the ‘70s, then this can only be a good thing.

    The band’s new album,

    Primary Colours

    , is due on May 4, and singer Faris Badwan has been talking about their extraordinary volte face. "I love bands like Neu! and Cluster so interesting sonics was always high on our priority list this time,” he told the BBC. "Having said that they were just as influential on the last album but they maybe weren’t as evident.”

    The record was recorded with Portishead’s Geoff Barrow, although Badwan is keen to play down his involvement. “Despite what people may think, [Barrow] didn’t mould us into something he had in his head and the production process wasn’t all one way." Badwan, who says “it’s boring for people to stay in the same place all the time,” also claims he has toned down his on-stage antics: "Half the time I just wanted to find ways of amusing myself," he chuckles. “Still I can’t see us going back to how we used to be. Everything has its place in time." [