The Hood Internet’s ABX Shares The Secrets Of The Mash-Up

    Before the Hood Internet release their first album of original music, the Chicago outfit wants to share a little advice about the art of the mash-up. Aaron Brink (a.k.a. ABX) recently stopped by MTV Hive to discuss how he and fellow Hoodlum Steve Reidell (a.k.a. STV SLV) do their thing.

    ABX broke down the patented Hood Internet mash-up technique in the following five-step plan:

    1. Match the Key
    2. Use What You Like
    3. Listen With an Ear for Mixing
    4. Get Creative About Cutting Up Tracks
    5. Have a Sense of Humor!

    Read ABX’s complete explanation over at the Hive and pick up FEAT tomorrow, October 2, on Decon. [MTV]