The Holy Grail of tour riders found: Van Halen’s “No Brown M&Ms” rider surfaces

    Last week, the Smoking Gun published Van Halen’s reunion tour rider, and there really wasn’t much that seemed too outlandish– They needed cheap wine and sugar free Red Bull. But this week the Smoking Gun found a copy of Van Halen’s mid-80s rider, which includes a legendary request: "No Brown M&Ms" in a bowl of M&Ms.


    This particular rider is something of a legend in hair metal lore, as it inspired a story in Wayne’s World Two and represents decadence in the 1980s. Van Halen have long claimed that the reason for the comment is that they wanted to make sure whoever was reading the rider was paying attention to their demands, they really have nothing against brown M&Ms. Either way, it’s interesting stuff. Go here to read the whole thing. [via Stereogum]