The Hold Steady’s Craig Finn Launches His Own Beer

    The Hold Steady are a great drinking band, so it’s logical (if a little unlikely) that singer Craig Finn would be launching his own beer. Finn has teamed up with Signature Brew to create the product, which is called ‘Clear Heart’ after his recent solo album, Clear Heart Full Eyes.

    “When I set out to make this beer, I was going for something with a clear taste and a full flavor,” said Finn, who may be eyeing a post-music career in marketing. “Instead I got a pretty decent buzz. We had a great time creating this beer and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Enjoy!”

    This might look like the work of an Onion scribe, but Signature Brew is planning on launching Finn’s beer in London on March 19 at their own Signature Brew Pub. Finn has even made a video for the occasion, which you can check out here. What other avenues could the Hold Steady explore in this direction? It’s too bad Franz Nicolay left the band—a moustache wax endorsement would surely be a no-brainer for him. [via NME]