The Hives Aren’t Down With Bands Reforming

    Angular Swedish rockers The Hives aren’t into bands reforming, apparently. In a recent interview with The Daily Star, frontman Howlin’ Pelle Almqvist called out The Stone Roses as simply cashing-in on past glories. Almqvist went on to say the following:

    It’s sad when we see other bands at festivals who just look back to their good old days. What’s the point of that? Each record has to be better than your last, surely?

    The quote is somewhat ironic since The Hives have recently re-formed and recorded a new “comeback” album called Lex Hives. It should be noted that Almqvist was referencing bands who reform but fail to make an new album, instead choosing to play a series of live gigs made up entirely of old material.

    Lex Hives is out June 5th via Disque Hives. [NME]