The Hellacopters Announce Plans to Release Best Of Retrospective/New Video

    In a June 7th post on the Swedes website, The Hellacopters announced plans to release a 22-song retrospective that spans their storied twelve year career. Intended as an introduction to the bands diverse discography, Air Raid Serenades will feature no new tracks.  The band posted the following on their site:


    These days most Greatest Hits or Best ofs have one or two new songs on them so that the die hard fans have to buy them only because of that. This one is mainly released for the people that have none or only a few of our records.


    The disc is expected to be released sometime in mid August by Universal Music Sweden, and features a cover by frequent Hellacopters conspirator Dirty Donny. There has not yet been an announcement from The Hellacopters U.S. label, Liquor and Poker, about whether it will be released domestically.


    Air Raid Serenades tracklist:


    1. (Gotta Get Some Action) Now!

    2. Ferrytale

    3. Born Broke

    4. Soulseller

    5. You Are Nothing

    6. Like No Other Man

    7. Long Gone Losers

    8. Move Right Out Of Here

    9. The Devil Stole The Beat From The Lord

    10. Venus In Force

    11. Down Right Blue

    12. Crimson Ballroom

    13. Hopeless Case Of A Kid In Denial

    14. Toys And Flavors

    15. No Song Unheard

    16. By The Grace Of God

    17. Carry Me Home

    18. Its Good But It Just Aint Right

    19. Turn The Wrong Key

    20. Everythings On T.V.

    21. Im In The Band

    22. Bring It On Home


    Additionally, the band has recently completed a video for Bring It On Homea track off 2005s Rock & Roll Is Deadwith Amir Chamdin whose work can be seen in their videos for Hopeless Case of A Kid In Denial, No Song Unheard, By The Grace of God, and Everythings On T.V. Although the video wont see airtime in the States, it will be available for download on the bands site shortly.

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