The Gang From ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’ Reacts To The New Cast

    It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia is returning to the air on Oct. 11, and the show is continuing the charade that there’s going to be a new cast in place by then. As you can see in the video below (via Vulture), the original actors are going all-in with the premise and treating it as the truth. 

    It’s a pretty hilarious idea, especially since some of the casting is a bit far-fetched. While Haley Joel Osment superficially resembles Rob McIlhenny, UFC fighter Chael Sonnen is probably just what Dennis imagines he looks like on his best days. More mystifying is the use of Candace Cameron as Charlie and Xzibit as Sweet Dee, two “casting” decisions that probably should have been switched or at least more carefully considered. 

    Of course, it’s great to see Andrew Dice Clay as Frank. They both have a loud sort of abrasiveness that makes sense. It’s almost a shame that this new cast isn’t real, but here’s hoping there’s some kind of crossover with an alternate reality gang that’s made up of these folks.