The Game Brings Jay-Z Fans Onstage Solely to Diss Them (Video)


    The Game is still trying really, really hard to start a beef with Jay-Z, and to that end, at a recent show in London, he brought Jay-Z fans onstage solely to diss them, because apparently Jay-Z fans also suck. It’s pretty dumb overall, since I’m not sure how this is supposed to be an indictment on Jay. 


    The video is a good document of how Game’s standing has fallen, because he’s reduced to launching a beef that Jay-Z doesn’t even have to respond to and he can win. Nas went at Jay-Z hard, and he got annilihated, and Nas is responsible for Illmatic, which is one of the few hip-hop albums that is beyond reproach (during “The Takeover” Jay even conceded that Illmatic was incredible). The Game hasn’t done anything on par with Illmatic, so I can’t see him outlasting Jay-Z in this beef. [Real Talk NY]