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The Game Brings Jay-Z Fans Onstage Solely to Diss Them (Video)


The Game is still trying really, really hard to start a beef with Jay-Z, and to that end, at a recent show in London, he brought Jay-Z fans onstage solely to diss them, because apparently Jay-Z fans also suck. It's pretty dumb overall, since I'm not sure how this is supposed to be an indictment on Jay. 


The video is a good document of how Game's standing has fallen, because he's reduced to launching a beef that Jay-Z doesn't even have to respond to and he can win. Nas went at Jay-Z hard, and he got annilihated, and Nas is responsible for Illmatic, which is one of the few hip-hop albums that is beyond reproach (during "The Takeover" Jay even conceded that Illmatic was incredible). The Game hasn't done anything on par with Illmatic, so I can't see him outlasting Jay-Z in this beef. [Real Talk NY]

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Jay-Z "annilihated" Nas? You must have not heard Ether. I love Jay and I love Nas. I believe the popular consensus is that Nas won that battle. I agree with everything else except the annihilation of Nas. Game is a wack groupie. Biting Nas flow and dick ridin Jay.


I gotta agree with the commenter on this one. If anything Nas annihilated Jay-Z.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/daba/me-bermudajpg.jpg Daba

Takeover and Superugly were both better tracks. I love both mc's, but Jay-Z definitely won, especially in the long run.


how many jay tracks game gonna play at his own show? seem a silly way to get your point across! especially when you ain't sh!t in comparison! fvckin MASE would own this lame ass mufvcka, man! fvck game. his sh!t is worthless and he know it. why else he got jay joints ready to play? fvckin loser, man! yikes!


Andrew Winistorfer don't speak on what you don't know nothing about..." Nas went at Jay-Z hard, and he got annilihated" this was publicly known that Nas won this battle. What are you saying? please stick to blink 182 and britney spear writeups and don't crossover into hip hop if you don't do your homework. It's really disprespectful


Hey if you peep it on the video, next to game his boy know all of jay's song if it was me i wouldn't play nothing of the person Im going after...


man how you gonna dis fans of jay-z? Thats just weak and meaningless.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/prefix/no-user-pic.gif 10acious

who in the hell wrote this silly ass article? i agree game is acting like a dick-head? but jay-z annihilating Nas? are you serious? what kind of new crack are you smoking? jay even admitted super ugly was a horrible track. Ether was on a whole different level of brilliance. and as for the idiot who said jay won in the long run? you cant win a mc battle after-the-fact! i dont care how many albums you've sold since then. its all about what happened at that time in that moment.


Nas is a real powerfull rapper that idiot said he lost the battle must lesten to ether


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