The Futureheads Ask For Fan Help On A Capella Album


    Just a few days ago we were bemoaning the fact that the Futureheads have never really got over that pesky Gang of Four obsession, and lo and behold the group has now announced that they are actually going to try and do something different with their post punk sound.


    The overhaul appears to be radical—the band members have promised to drop instruments altogether and record an a capella album. The songs will all be culled from the Futureheads’ own back catalog, and the band are asking fans to help them choose the most suitable material.


    The harmonies on their cover of Kate Bush’s “Hounds of Love” (see above) would make that song an obvious choice, but to make your voice heard simply tweet at them (@thefutureheads) with the song you’ve been dying to hear them perform sans instruments.