The Foreign Exchange Reveals ‘Authenticity’ Artwork, Track List

    Two months ago, the Foreign Exchange released some minor information regarding their upcoming third LP. Basically, all we knew then was that it’s called Authenticity and that the sound of the record will feature the duo of Phonte and Nicolay going in a different direction (again). Those following the Foreign Exchange know that the duo’s debut, Connected, was more steeped in hip-hop while their sophomore effort, Leave It All Behind, relied heavily upon soul and R&B grooves. Both also shared hints of electronic music.


    Well, now, we have some actual background information here thanks to an announcement made by the duo this morning. Authenticity is apparently the Foreign Exchange’s most musically diverse piece to date as it incorporates elements of their trademark electronic soul with some acoustic tracks recalling folk from the 1970s. But fans of Phonte’s rapping need not worry, he’s at least spitting one verse on here for lead single “Maybe She’ll Dream of Me.”


    And according to Phonte, the album’s title represents the Foreign Exchange coming into their own and finding their own sound. The following is a quote from him regarding the title:

    “The title refers to me and Nic’s journey to find our own unique space within this vast musical landscape. The biggest challenge as a musician is to find that ‘thing’ that makes you who you are. But I think we’re getting there, and we’re finding our way more and more with each record.”

    Authenticity is due out Oct. 12 on +FE Music. It’s set to feature previous collaborators YahZarah, Darien Brockington, Zo! and Median along with newcomers Chantae Cann and Jesse Boykins III.


    Authenticity‘s track list:

    01. The Last Fall
    02. Authenticity
    03. Eyes To The Sky
    04. All Roads
    05. Fight For Love
    06. Maybe She’ll Dream Of Me
    07. Don’t Wait
    08. Make Me A Fool
    09. Everything Must Go
    10. Laughing At Your Plans
    11. This City Ain’t The Same Without You