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The Flaming Lips Working On A Six-Hour Song?

Damn, Wayne Coyne and the rest of The Flaming Lips are some pretty damn motivated individuals, huh? According to his Twitter account, Coyne's working on a fucking six-hour-long song with his group. Yes, not six minutes, SIX HOURS. He announced the effort with a couple of simple tweets and TwitVids, the former of which read "Takes a long time to make a 6 hour song...................." and "More 6 hour song...."

As Lips faithful know, we heard three new tracks from the band in July as part of their Gummy series along with their collaborative EP with Lightning Bolt. They also released some visuals for the EP, including those for the completely fucked-but-great "I'm Working At NASA On Acid."

You can view the TwitVids of the six-hour-long track below.

[You Ain't No Picasso]

Update: You can listen to all three parts of the song below. It stems from the Strobo Trip EP, which you can hear more of on YouTube.

The Flaming Lips - I Found a Star On the Ground [Part One of Three] by Slow•Nerve•Action 3

The Flaming Lips - I Found a Star On the Ground [Part Two of Three] by Slow•Nerve•Action 2

The Flaming Lips - I Found a Star On the Ground [Part Three of Three] by Slow•Nerve•Action

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