The Flaming Lips to Release Double LP

    The Flaming Lips proper follow-up to 2006s At War with the Mystics is set to be an as-yet untitled double LP.


    Speaking to Billboard, lead singer Wayne Coyne said “Somewhere along the way it occurred to me that we should do a double album. Just this idea that you can kind of weave a couple of themes into there and you can sort of sprawl a little bit. Our past couple of records we’ve always had this little dilemma, like how many songs do you put on? How many instruments do you put on? What’s the focus? And some of my favorite records – thinking Beatles White Album, Zeppelin’s Physical Graffiti and even some of the longer things that the Clash have done – part of the reason I like them is that they’re not focused. They’re kind of like a free-for-all and go everywhere. It’s not necessarily because we’re prolific, I think we always stay in a sort of perpetual panic of like we never have more songs than we need and we always wonder if any of them are any good to begin with. I do think we probably work best in a panic, so maybe it’s best that I planned it this way.”


    According to Billboard, the band has about 13 songs thus far, aiming for an additional eight or nine before the album will be complete. Also, one of Stereogum’s Progress Reports states that the album title might be Embryonic. So there Flaming Lips fans, you have the tenuous state of the group’s next album.