The Flaming Lips Demonstrate Zaireeka-Like Project For Smartphones


    The Flaming Lips are always looking for ways to innovate, but they’ve reached back into their own past for inspiration for their latest project. In the video above you can see Wayne Coyne and Steven Drozd demonstrating a new “song” they’ve written, which can only be heard in full by playing individual tracks through smartphones. It’s similar to the Zaireeka album, especially as each play is never going to sound quite the same, although there’s no word yet on how to obtain these tracks. The possibilities here could be intriguing if they take it up to the level of their boombox experiments—personally I’d love to see them do a show where they have a stage full of people with laptops attempting to sync up YouTube clips (with the laptop screens facing the audience, natch). But Coyne and Drozd have probably already thought of that….