The Flaming Lips’ Christmas on Mars to get New York screenings

    It’s only taken about seven years, but the Flaming Lips’ movie Christmas on Mars is finally here. Wayne Coyne’s labor of love, which follows a colony of Mars settlers as they attempt to celebrate Christmas on the red planet, is due to get its first theatrical screenings in September. The plot is strung around Major Syrtis (played by Steven Drozd), who suffers from hallucinations about the birth of a baby during a major malfunction at the station. Coyne himself appears as a benevolent green alien who decides to help the crew.

    Christmas on Mars was shown at a few festivals this summer but hits indoor screens for the first time in New York City. In true Lips tradition, these are no ordinary screenings. The band has hired the Kraine Theater of the KGB Complex on East Fourth Street in Manhattan to show the film, and a specially designed sound system will be installed. Fans who want to witness Coyne’s opus can buy tickets here and the screenings begin on September 12. I wonder how many people will make the 7am showings? [Brooklyn Vegan]