The Flaming Lips’ 24-Hour Song Streaming Now

    We reported on Friday that the Flaming Lips would begin streaming their 24-hour song at midnight on Halloween, and the band has made good on its promise. If you head over to this website now you’ll be able to dip into the song. At the time of writing this post it sounded like mellow Dark Side of the Moon territory, with the band hitting on a contemplative jam that presumably provided them with a much needed break from their louder material.

    There’s a cap on the amount of listeners allowed on the stream, with only 999 people able to listen at any one time. So expect it to get increasingly difficult to tune in as the day passes, although it sounds like your persistence will be rewarded judging from the current sound. If you don’t manage to connect to the stream, why not head over to this link and purchase the song, once again in the “skull” format, for a cool $5,000?