The Five Best Quotes From This Great A$AP Rocky Interview

    2011 will go down as the year of mini rap celebrities rising off the blogs, as Lil B dominated until March, Odd Future took over till September, and now we’re living in the era of A$AP Rocky, the most hyped New York MC of this generation. A$AP just got signed to Sony for an advance of $3 million, and people in New York are excited for him in a way that they haven’t been for any rapper since 50 Cent. A$AP has been on a full-court media press this week, but Pitchfork scored the best interview with him, as he talks about getting his nails done, his advance, and whether or not he’s Illuminati. It’s great. Read it here. Here are the five best quotes:

    “[makes thumbs-down gesture] It sucks– it’s cliché shit. Diamonds, cars, aviator shades, Gucci, half-naked bitches, wack-ass beats. When Jay-Z was the only one rapping about that stuff, it was cool. Now it’s just so fucking old. Who gives a fuck?”

    “I’m going to be honest with you– I used to be homophobic, but that’s fucked up. I had to look in the mirror and say, “All the designers I’m wearing are gay.” I hear stories about all these industry motherfuckers who are gay, and I don’t know if it’s true or not, but that shit don’t matter. It’s so immature.”

    “Really though, I was dating this chick from Czechoslovakia– is that how you pronounce it? Her dad used to be around the house like, [sings] “Everything is purple.” Mind you, this is a rich-ass nigga with a Bentley, all that shit. I’ve had fucking corporate white niggas come up to me and say, “What’s up? I love that shit.” I live for that, because the black motherfuckers from Harlem and the Bronx didn’t accept us. They thought we were gay.”

    “The only thing mainstream about me are my investors. That’s it. I can adapt to the radio because I’m a street motherfucker. I can adapt to the underground because I was independent for a while” 

    “I’m going to have creative control; there’s no bullshit. The situation is almost unrealistic. I mean, five months ago I had about $3,000 in my bank account. Now I’m worth $3 million. Nobody’s gotten a deal like that since 50 Cent.”