The FBI looking for the Kills’ bus driver, bus missing

    Here’s one from the bizarre tour stories file: The Kills were in L.A. waiting for their bus driver to get new tires put on the bus, when the bus, and the driver, up and disappeared with all their equipment and belongings. Federal investigators are currently searching for the driver. Here’s a message from the band:

    While on tour in the United States with the Raconteurs, our bus and driver have vanished. It is thought that the driver has committed grand theft auto or that he is in some kind of trouble. The bus and driver were last seen on the morning of the 26th of September at a Prevost dealership in Los Angeles. The driver got some new tires and was set to head to Austin, Texas to meet back up with us. His phone has been off since that afternoon.

    Federal investigators and police are searching for the bus and driver throughout the U.S. and Mexico. We are currently traveling to Nashville and have no luggage or belongings. But aside from this bad luck, touring with the Raconteurs has been great, so we’re in good spirits. The magnitude of the loss hasn’t quite sunk in to our shell shocked bones. If anyone has seen a black Prevost tour bus with Tennessee plates 0305 EA, call the police.


    I think there’s a movie deal in here somewhere (assuming the driver is in some kind of trouble and is really on the run). It’s got everything that you need to make a movie these days: a bus chase, a guy on the run, two pale and vampiric musicians that live in England, and the FBI.