The-Dream Wants Pusha T To Make “Great” Record, Not Just A “Dis” Record

    You may have heard last week that Pusha T and Lil Wayne rekindled their hate for each other. The two exchanged some words and tracks showcasing their dislike for one another and as a result the collective rap world kinda shrugged.

    Now R&B artist The-Dream has decided to play the role of meditator, urging Pusha T to make a great record instead of just a dis record. The-Dream told MTV News in Hollywood last week that, “The only way that we can respond is make great records, and nobody is gonna beat me at that.”

    The-Dream, who is working on Pusha T’s forthcoming album went on to say that he didn’t think that anything in the Pusha T single “Exodus 23:1” was meant to be a dis on Lil Wayne stating, “I had actually no idea that anybody would jump out the window [thinking] that personally … it was about them,” he said. “It kinda took me and the clique by surprise.”

    Then The-Dream went on to mention a lesson from his grandfather and further comment on the pointlessness of “beef”:

    ‘If you’re talking to somebody, you speak to them or you just walk up to them and slap them.’ I think beef is so ’96. It’s like, what’s the point? “I don’t think anybody is actually that good enough to direct anything at anyone,” he continued. “You can’t take that much time, there’s too much money in the words that either one of us have — me or Pusha — to direct directly at anyone.”

    Not to take sides but pretty sure in an arm-wrestling contest, Pusha T’s gonna come out the winner against Weezy.  Just sayin’. [MTVNews]


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