The Dream Announces that Love King Will Be His Last Album


    Oh Twitter, you are a music blogger’s best friend. The Dream, aka Terius Nash, announced via his Twitter account that his upcoming album, Love King, will be his last.


    The Dream tweeted, “Being true to my word. I always answer the fans and followers. I am engaged and Love King “IS” going to be my LAST album!” which makes it sound like his engagement with Milian has killed his desire to be a solo artist. Nash still insists that he “will still be producing, writing, and featuring on other artist albums though,” which means that his awesome presence won’t be gone from music altogether.


    In another tweet, The Dream explains that “It is going to be [his] last bcuz, everybody is trying to ‘KILL THE DREAM!’ [The Dream is] the ONLY one that can end [his] career.” The Dream gives no indication who’s trying to kill him, but whoever you are, please stop so he can continue making records.


    This is especially disappointing as Love/Hate and Love vs. Money are two of the best R&B albums of the decade, but don’t worry. This isn’t the first time an artist has foretold a future that didn’t come to pass, and not that you should wish ill will on someone else, but if things go wrong between Nash and Christina Milian, the fans are definitely getting another album.