The Dirty Three Discuss ‘Toward The Low Sun’

    We already know that Warren Ellis has put Grinderman on hold and is preparing for the release of a new album by the Dirty Three on Drag City on Feb. 28. Toward the Low Sun will be the trio’s first album since Cinder in 2005, and Ellis has been talking to Mess + Noise about the band’s return. 

    “Every group I play in, we all live in a different country,” he said. “I think that actually adds to the dynamic that’s necessary to make really vital music. Because it feels vital to you. When you get together, you’ve got this window and you’ve got to do something. I like the pressure that that makes. I like that structure.”

    Toward the Low Sun marks a welcome return for the group, who last played on these shores circa 2009, where they made a memorable appearance at ATP, playing Ocean Songs in full with Nick Cave on piano. Ellis describes Toward the Low Sun as the band’s “definitive album”—let’s hope some definitive shows will follow its release.