The Decemberists Might Write a Musical

    The Decemberists may begin working on a musical for stage – presumably, one on a decidedly smaller scale than the bloated, $65 million debacle that is U2’s Spiderman – according to Colin Meloy. Talking to Billboard, Meloy spoke about the possibility of working with Michael Mayer, the guy who directed the very successful Green Day musical American Idiot, on a new Broadway production, saying

    “[T]here’s potential for a musical down the line, for sure.”


    Meloy – who says people are “always asking [him] to write musicals” – also revealed that he used to be a theater geek (which means there’s a very real possibility he’s a Gleek now…), but isn’t sure that his chops aren’t more suited for indie rock. “I don’t know if I have the stuff — I always end up just writing little pop songs that stand a better chance on a record than on stage,” he says.


    Two fun, related facts: 1) Meloy’s interest in crafting a song-filled production about miners in Butte, Montana, in the early 1900’s, yielded the song “Rox in the Box,” which appears on The Decemberists upcoming album, The King is Dead. 2) This is not the first foray into theater Meloy has had in his post-adolescent years. In an interview with The Portland Mercury three years ago he, he (again) notes that he’s “been approached on bizarrely numerous occasions to do musicals,” and that a near miss happened with a production based on Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens, the prequel to Peter Pan.


    The King is Dead goes on sale January 18, 2011, by the way. [P4K]