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The Dead Weather Releasing Triple Decker Vinyl Single


Jack White is known for his love of vinyl, and his Third Man record label have released some pretty impressive limited edition records in their brief existence. You can see some of them in the YouTube clip up there—the peach scented Karen Elson album sounds heavenly—which also demonstrates White’s newest creation.


The Dead Weather is releasing “Blue Blood Blues” as a single, and the 12-inch version will come with a 7-inch embedded inside it. If that sounds confusing, just check out the clip, in which White gets behind the counter at his record store to demonstrate. “You will require a Swiss army knife or a screwdriver,” he says, which may be the first time either of those was needed for a vinyl record. Get ready to salivate, collectors…

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Jack White
The Dead Weather

this is insanely good.
i can't even...


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