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The Dead Weather Appears on Nigel Godrich's 'From the Basement'

Producer Nigel Godrich’s From the Basement series looks set to be one of the best online outlets for exclusive music video content. Godrich has made good use of his connections to score some impressive names for upcoming performances on the site—previews of sessions by Jarvis Cocker, Thom Yorke and the White Stripes are currently streaming at the site.

Last night The Dead Weather featured on the first From the Basement live webcast, which captured the band playing a show in a small London studio. Reports of browsers crashing and the video stream dropping out indicate that there are a few teething problems with the site, although Godrich will presumably iron those out next time.

The London session has yet to be archived online. In the meantime, From the Basement is offering these high quality clips of The Dead Weather live in Nashville, beginning with this version of “60 Feet Tall" (below). Clearly Jack White is missing the White Stripes’ aesthetic—he’s all clad in red for this performance.



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The Dead Weather

Actually, Jack was wearing black in that clip but the blue lights make it seem red.


The From The Basement performance is on youtube and is AMAZING. ...and actually Jack was not wearing red in Louisville, he was wearing black, they all were. (that is the venues lighting for whatever reason making some apparel appear red. :)


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