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The Darkness Reform

Anyone longing for the spandex clad antics of the Darkness' frontman Justin Hawkins is in luck—he has finally managed to sort out the differences with his brother, Dan Hawkins, that tore the band apart after the release of One Way Ticket to Hell…and Back in 2005. Yes, The Darkness have got back together, further narrowing the expected gap between a split and reformation to an ever dwindling period of time.


“Dan and Justin's falling out was a very bitter affair,” said an unnamed source in British tabloid The Sun. “They didn't speak for almost half a decade. But spending time with Ed and his family has reminded them all how close they once were." The Ed in question is drummer Ed Graham, who appears to possess the mercurial powers needed to bring the brothers back together.


"When I think of what we achieved in a year, we went from opening Glastonbury to headlining Reading and I don't know if many people can say that really,” said Justin in an interview. The band is apparently rehearsing for a reunion tour planned for some point in 2011. Time to start feathering that hair and dusting off that ill-fitting pair of tight leather pants.


[via ContactMusic]


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