The Darkness’ Members Hate Each Other, But That’s A Good Thing

    The Darkness made their way across the States last month for their first jaunt since reuniting in early 2011. And in case you’re wondering why they have been able to reform and record new music, here’s what frontman Justin Hawkins told Spin:

    “Yeah, we all hate each other. That’s why we make great music. You can’t make fire without friction. Well, maybe you can, but it’s like a chemical fire which would tear your skin off.”

    Apparently he was being tongue-in-cheek about it all, as he went on to say that they group’s relationship has improved tremendously since they dissolved in 2006. Hawkins added: “Time is a great healer. As is sobriety. It’s the old, ‘What were we actually angry about in the first place?'” 

    Indeed. Watch the band’s video for “Nothin’s Gonna Stop Us” below.