The Cure unhappy with iTunes release of new EP

    The Cure’s new album 4:13 Dream is due for release in a little less than a month, and the band has just released an EP of remixes featuring the first four singles from the record. But Robert Smith is urging fans to boycott the iTunes release of the EP, which he believes has been over-priced. Writing on the Cure’s official website, Smith says “This is so totally wrong. I really do fucking despair.”

    The EP, title Hypnagogic States, is available on the UK iTunes store for £7.99 (a little over $14). In an e-mail to his label, Smith has written that “the package is completely missing the extra bonus track” and wonders “who the fuck is going to pay this and not feel totally ripped off?” The amount of expletives and the all-caps writing suggests Smith is very unhappy, although a quick glance at the site reveals that he always writes this way. He even encouraged Cure fans to "CAST ONE [VOTE] FOR JONAS BROTHERS OR LIL WAYNE AS ‘BEST ACT EVER‘" at the VMAs. [NME]