The Cure Launches Promo Site for ‘Disintegration’ Reissue

    It’s hard to imagine how the musical tastes of yours truly would be defined without the inclusion of The Cure’s Disintegration. Robert Smith’s aching croons meshed with the epic, orchestral and gloomy tunes culminated into an album that’s considered by many to be the band’s finest.


    With the deluxe edition of the 1989 classic arriving on shelves June 8, the Brit mopesters are treating fans to a dedicated Disintegration website that doesn’t just plug the reissue, but offers visitors plenty of extras from that era including videos, live tracks, demos and liner notes penned by Robert Smith. While you can’t deny the impact said record had on listeners, former Cure keyboardist Roger O’ Donnell took to his Twitter account to post this hilarious reaction to the Disintegration rarities: “I don’t remember half this shit!” and “Some of those tracks definitely sound like we were on serious drugs. White boy funk by the Cure? What the hell were we doing?” [via Exclaim]