The Cribs Cancel Coachella, Many Other Acts Now In Doubt

    The Icelandic volcano that has caused travel chaos in Europe is wreaking havoc on this weekend’s Coachella festival. None of the major artists have been affected, but anyone flying out of Heathrow in London—which is currently in lockdown—is unlikely to make the festival. The Cribs have canceled and many other artists may be about to pull out.


    Among those unlikely to make it are Frightened Rabbit, Los Campesinos!, Bad Lieutenant, Delphic, DJ Mary Anne Hobbs and Gary Numan [Update: Bad Lieutenant has cancelled]. Numan is set to appear on Sunday and may land on terra firma via a flight potentially scheduled for that morning. “We are still waiting to find out if British Airways can offer any better alternatives,” he said. “Very upsetting though to see such a huge opportunity slipping through your fingers. I am glued to the TV news at the moment.”


    Meanwhile, Johnny Marr has written a blog post on the Cribs’ MySpace page about their cancellation. “We are pretty gutted to be frank, currently languishing in the grimmest ferry port after waiting for good news about free airspace that never came,” he said. “We were really looking forward to playing this year, the slot sounded perfect, outdoor at dusk, and the last time we played Coachella was really fun.”


    Further flight delays are possible due to the unpredictable nature of the volcano. Check out these spectacular photos of the disruption in the Eyjafjallajokull glacier—although Coachella attendees may want to look away.


    [via Gigwise]