The Cocteau Twins’ Liz Fraser Gives Rare Interview


    Liz Fraser doesn’t give many interviews, but she deemed the Guardian worthy of her time, and talked candidly about her life and career in this interview with Dave Simpson. Fraser talks about the ill-fated Cocteau Twins show that never happened at Coachella in 2005 and her relationship with Jeff Buckley.


    The principal problem with the Coachella performance was her personal involvement with guitarist Robin Guthrie—the couple split in 1993. “There’s still a sense of being committed,” she says of Guthrie. “But we’re not committed. We’re that different from each other now.” Fraser also claims they weren’t offered the vast sums of money to play that were reported at the time. “I don’t remember it being that much money and in any case that’s not the reason [for reforming],” she said.


    The singer also talks about her friendship with Buckley, saying: “I just wish I’d been more of a friend. His career was everything to him, and I wish I had been more understanding – happy with a different kind of relationship. I missed out on something there, and it was my fault.”


    Further tragedy has sparked Fraser’s small comeback. She has a single due on Rough Trade titled “Moses,” which is dedicated to her friend, Jake Drake-Brockman, who died in September. Drake-Brockman worked on the recording with Damon Reece, Massive Attack’s drummer and Fraser’s current partner. The most revealing part of the interview comes when they call Reese, who delivers the biggest truism of the whole piece when he says of Fraser’s lack of recent output: “The world is a sadder place without Elizabeth singing.”


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