The Clientele Ready Bonfires on the Heath for October

    With their Byrds-ian dream-pop and front man Alistair Maclean’s combination of throaty vocals and swirling guitars, the Clientele are easily one of the finest bands in the Merge Records roster, which pretty much makes them one of the best bands going period. So it’s flat-out great news to hear the boys are returning in October with a new album. Entitled Bonfires on the Health, the new disc will be out on Merge Oct. 6 and will feature 12 new tracks. According to the label, the album will be a return of sorts to the band’s earlier sound, when their murk was just a tad murkier, their sound puffed up into a thicker fog. Some of the atmosphere on Bonfires comes from Mel Draisey, who contributes piano throughout the album, and may just become the unsung hero that Pat Sansone was on God Save the Clientele.


    The band hasn’t announced a full tour to support the new album yet, but they will play July 19 at Brooklyn’s Music Hall of Williamsburg and then later in July as part of Merge XX, the label’s 20th anniversary celebration.


    Bonfires on the Heath track list:


    01 I Wonder Who We Are

    02 Bonfires on the Heath

    03 Harvest Time

    04 Never Anyone But You

    05 Jennifer & Julia

    06 Sketch

    07 Tonight

    08 Share the Night

    09 I Know I’ll See Your Face

    10 Never Saw Them Before

    11 Graven Wood

    12 Walking In the Park