The Clientele Gets Ghostly on Bonfires of the Heath, Drops Deadly Hints

    If you’re a fan of British psych-pop sultans The Clientele (and if you’re not, please mend your ways sometime between now and the apocalypse, so as to avoid eternal damnation) we’ve got some good news and some bad — or at least unsettling — news for you. That other music news source that starts with “P” has just had a chat with Clientele crooner Alasdair MacLean about what he and his cohorts have got in store for us in the near future, and some interesting tidbits were revealed.




    There is indeed a new Clientele album on the way. Bonfires of the Heath has a tentative street date sometime in October. According to MacLean, it’s “very spooky” and “full of ghosts,” and has partly to do with “watching yourself disappear.”


    THE BAD:


    The aforementioned disappearing act could turn literal at some point in the not-too-distant future. While no definitive statement was made, MacLean alluded to the possibility that this might be the final Clientele album, saying “I haven’t really decided yet. I think it’d close the chapter quite well.” In the meantime, while waiting for Bonfires of the Heath, Clientele’s clique of admirers can only hope that whatever’s gotten MacLean so spooked doesn’t put his band in the rock & roll graveyard.