The Budos Band + Wu-Tang Clan = The Wudos Band

    I will make this clear right from the jump: I’m not usually a fan of mash-ups or blends like this because they typically only offer fleeting moments of entertainment. But this one here actually sounds pretty damn promising after watching the above preview video for The Wudos Band, which blends Wu-Tang Clan classics with the funk of the Budos Band.


    The project is presented by Wu-affiliate Cloud Kicker Original and Emilio Sparks. And it was produced by Tekst, of the Higher Concept, which is a collective that has produced or engineered for members of the Wu. With all of these reputable acts on hand for the project, you kind of just have to assume the end result is at least above-average, if not exceptional. Luckily for you, it’s the latter.


    You can download The Wudos Band at the link below courtesy of 2DopeBoyz.