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The Books Release 'Music for French Elevator' Double LP

Previously only available in the  A Dot in Time box set, The Books' Music for French Elevator and Other Rarities is being released in a special edition, stand-alone double LP. 

The 45 track collection includes b-sides (including their cover of Nick Drake's "Cello Song"), soundtracks, and lots of unreleased instrumental tracks. 

Former books "frontman" Nick Zammuto has uploaded his five favorite tracks from the album to Soundcloud. Take a listen to "Egaberte," "Happy Lawyers," "Hericlitus," "Lawyer Lullaby," and "Epilogue" below. 

Zammuto also added, in an email to his Zammuto mailing list, "I'm so terribly sorry 'The Books' had to end.  I'm enjoying working on music more than ever with the new band, but my days working on 'The Books' were an incredible time for me.  Thank you all for listening, and for all your amazing support through the years."

The album will be released on October 15 through Temporary Residence Limited and is limited 2,000 copies with the first 300 printed on "beautiful transparent splatter blue vinyl." 

Track List:


1. Fralite

2. Egaberte

3. Liternite

4. It's Musiiiiic!

5. The Joy of Nature

6. Meditation Outtakes

7. A Long Villainous Sequence

8. Millions of Millions

9. Of the Word God

10. Ghost Train Digest

11. You'll Never Be Alone

12. 'Ah..., I See'

13. Three Day Night

14. Classy Penguin

15. 8 Frame

16. Smack My Bishop

17. Biospheric Quiet

18. Happy Lawyers

19. Hericlitus

20. John's Arp

21. Foreign Country and Western

22. Dustbowl

23. Biospheric Doubletime

24. Drowned But Survived

25. Pickup Dark

26. Hermetic

27. Circle of Fifths Loop

28. Past Comes Welling Up

29. Electro Lawyers

30. Mars, OK

31. Biospheric Dark

32. Flythrough

33. Running Down

34. 8 Tons of Oxygen

35. 10,000 Crows

36. John's Epiphany

37. Lawyer Lullaby

38. Hokie Ranch

39. 2over3 Lawyers

40. Glass Glass

41. Biospheric Zither

42. Found Frozen Corndog

43. Cello Song Feat. Jose Gonzales

44. Epilogue

45. Pig


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