The Black Keys Want To Punch Carl Barat

    “We’ve just never given a shit about image, and generally hate people who do. There’s nobody Pat wants to punch in the face more than Carl Barat, you know,” Black Keys singer/guitarist Dan Auerbach said in an interview with The Guardian. Bandmate and drummer Carney added his two cents about the Libertines man, saying that Barat “looks like a prick,” and “he reminds me of how I thought I was coming off when I was 23. A dude, y’know” He elaborated a bit, saying that he went out the previous night only to be recognized by a few people “at a hip bar in Camden. I love that.” Carney and Auerbach have a distate for what they perceive as trying to stand out, which they see in Carl Barat. While no physical shots have come of the dislike, the fighting words are now in the open air. In other Black Keys news, El Camino drops Dec. 6 and you can stream some tracks from it here. [NME]