The Beatles Remaster ‘Magical Mystery Tour’ For Blu-Ray And Theaters

    Apple Films is releasing a newly remastered version of The Beatles movie Magical Mystery Tour. The film will be hitting Blu-ray and DVD on October 9 and also a limited theatrical release starting September 27.

    The Beatles wrote and directed the 1967 TV film with director Bernard Knowles and the surreal special bombed when it debuted on UK television. Years later, the film was resurrected on US college and midnight movie circuits and gained a cult following.

    Beatles fans have been waiting for a remastered version of Magical Mystery Tour for years: the last DVD release was sourced from a low-quality analog master. That DVD went out of print over a decade ago and cost upward to $100 used.

    But in September, we’ll finally have a fully restored high-definition release of Magical Mystery Tour with fully remixed 5.1 surround sound and stereo audio tracks for about $29.95. Apple Films also has a deluxe version with the album on vinyl and a 60 page color booklet available at their website.

    Check out the trailer below to see just how good the restoration looks.