The Beach Boys’ dark underbelly

    How many degrees of separation are there between the most squeaky-clean, all-American band of the 20th century and one of the most depraved, evil, psychopathic killers of all time? Zero. This fact and others are amply underlined on the new DVD The Beach Boys and the Satan, set for release on September 30.


    Originally seen on German television, it details the way in which Beach Boys drummer Dennis Wilson got mixed up in Charles Manson’s world and wound up bringing him into the Beach Boys circle (they even recorded one of his songs) in the days before Manson’s homicidal tendencies went public.


    It also unveils Brian Wilson’s involvement with notorious Satanist Anton LaVey, though unfortunately, no LaVey tunes ever made their way into the band’s repertoire. It all sounds perfectly juicy, but we just have one thought: wouldn’t it have been much simpler to make a film about the evil side of the Beach Boys by simply following Mike Love around for a few days? [Aversion]