The BBC May Be Closing Its 6 Music Radio Station

    Prefix has sourced many stories from interviews on BBC 6 Music, so it’s with sadness that we report that the radio station may be closing. It’s only a rumor at present, but Twitter has been abuzz with dismay at this article in the Times, which suggests drastic cutbacks are afoot at the BBC.


    The station subsisted on a diet of alternative music, and even gave Jarvis Cocker a chance to become a full-time DJ, offering him and others a freedom that’s largely unprecedented in the word of commercial radio. Its potential shuttering will close down a vital outlet for many artists all over the world.


    Much of the work carried out by 6 Music builds on the incredible legacy of John Peel, offering exclusive sessions to bands and giving airtime to acts who would struggle to get their music played anywhere outside the Internet. Let’s hope these rumors prove to have little or no substance to them.