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The Avalanches Deny New Mixtape Is Theirs

The Avalanches Deny New Mixtape Is Theirs

The Avalanches have been pretty coy about their new music. It's been twelve long years since their stunning debut Since I Left You, but they claim they'll be returning with its follow-up this year.

Recently, the mysterious site Pinchy & Friends posted a mixtape called Cool Gays By Cool Gaze that the band supposedly put together, featuring a new song. But last night, The Avalanches tweeted that that was incorrect, and the "new song" is actually a twelve-year-old demo.

Still, rumors surround the other mixtape from a few months ago. The Avalanches themselves pointed that one out themselves, stating that it ""may or may not be mixtape by ♥ ?v?L?NCH∑≤ ♥." It seems the band is good at stoking the anticipation fires, but is that so hard when it's been so long since we've heard from them? [P4k]


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