The Avalanches Deny New Mixtape Is Theirs

    The Avalanches have been pretty coy about their new music. It’s been twelve long years since their stunning debut Since I Left You, but they claim they’ll be returning with its follow-up this year.

    Recently, the mysterious site Pinchy & Friends posted a mixtape called Cool Gays By Cool Gaze that the band supposedly put together, featuring a new song. But last night, the Avalanches tweeted that that was incorrect, and the “new song” is actually a twelve-year-old demo.

    Still, rumors surround the other mixtape from a few months ago. The Avalanches themselves pointed that one out themselves, stating that it “”may or may not be mixtape by ♥ ?v?L?NCH∑≤ ♥.” It seems the band is good at stoking the anticipation fires, but is that so hard when it’s been so long since we’ve heard from them? [P4k]