The Ad for Guitar Hero: Metallica Needs Some Pants (and Something Resembling “Funny”) (Video)


    Guitar Hero: Metallica

    is in stores now (

    did you enter here

    to win a copy?), and keeping with the series’ head-scratching advertising gimmick (having non-musicians play

    Guitar Hero

    , which makes absolutely no sense at all) the Metallica fellas are appearing in an ad for the game that features NCAA coaches Roy Williams, Rick Pitino, Coach K (it’s too early to try to spell the Duke coach’s name), and Bobby Knight. The ad is pretty rough–Knight throws some drums, 50-year-old James Hetfield tells the 80-year-old Knight to put some pants on–and I’m not sure even the smooth sounds of Matt Pinfield’s voice at the end will convince people who are on the fence to buy this game. [

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