The 30 Most Hated Acts Of All Time, According To Spin

    We all love to pour barrels of hater-ade atop the skulls of our least favorite bands. But Spin has put together perhaps the most biggest hate-fueled piece to date in their aptly titled feature: “The 30 Biggest Punching Bags in Pop History.” What’s especially noteworthy about the piece is that it’s not just a simple list, because members of the magazine’s staff provide a breakdown of exactly why each act appears on the list. Not only that, but they even go on to defend the likes of Barry Manilow, Milli Vanilli, and Billy Ray Cyrus.

    Just because, here’s their entry on Limp Bizkit ranking at #2 on the list:

    CHARGE AGAINST: Soul-patch minstrel show, a hissing valve for pointless Cro-Magnon boy-rage, the ‘roided-out Altamont stabbing of the ’90s alterna-dream.

    CASE FILES: Their macho, crowd-surfing, dunderfuck Woodstock ’99 hulk-out session coincided with wanton property destruction and multiple sexual assaults, and Limp Bizkit were subsequently seen as single-handedly destroying all the hard work that alternatypes like Nirvana and Nine Inch Nails did creating a more sensitive space for heavy music. To wit, Reznor remarked, “Let Fred Durst surf a piece of plywood up my ass,” and Courtney Love said, “He brought about the worst years in rock history.” The list of dipshittery Durst involved himself in throughout the following decade seemed to have no end: Haplessly covering the Who, leaking a sex tape (“Touch my balls and my ass,” he instructed), and proving his indie bona fides via Cobain chest tattoo. A Metallica crowd in Chicago rained a hailstorm of water bottles and coins on the band and chanted “Fuck Fred Durst.” Also thank him for getting Staind and Puddle of Mudd record deals.

    THE DEFENSE: Wes Borland is a tip-tapping Zornophile whose talents may be put to better use eventually. DJ Lethal has permanent immunity because he was in House of Pain. John Otto and Sam Rivers were a leaden rhythm section, but could hold down a groove. One of these things is not like the other. C.W.

    The full list is below, though head to Spin to read every piece on each entry. Good stuff.

    1. Milli Vanilli
    2. Limp Bizkit
    3. Kenny G
    4. Creed
    5. Insane Clown Posse
    6. Vanilla Ice
    7. Emerson, Lake & Palmer
    8. Matchbox Twenty
    9. Pat Boone
    10. Yoko Ono
    11. Nickelback
    12. Michael Bolton
    13. Journey
    14. Billy Ray Cyrus
    15. Puff Daddy
    16. Winger
    17. Barry Manilow
    18. KC And The Sunshine Band
    19. Lawrence Welk
    20. The Osmonds
    21. Duran Duran
    22. Christopher Cross
    23. Smash Mouth
    24. The Black Eyed Peas
    25. Lana Del Rey
    26. Candlebox
    27. John Mayer
    28. New Kids On The Block
    29. Phil Collins
    30. The Monkees