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Thanks to Reissues, Beatles Might Surpass Eminem as Decade's Best-Selling Musical Act

Amidst reports about how the remasters of their albums are doing brisk business, comes this tidbit; depending on how well the albums sell in these last three and a half months of 2009, The Beatles might surpass Eminem as this decade's best-selling musical act.


Eminem has sold 32 million albums since 2000, while The Beatles have sold 28 million. The Fab Four have quite a few albums to sell, but they are expected to dominate the holiday music sales, which could push them over the top. [USA Today]

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The Beatles


Bentley Rubberfoot

Cmon this old bastards aint gonna sell eminem is going to outsell em with Relapse 2


very eloquently put bobby

its sad that eminem can outsell the beatles

/site_media/uploads/images/users/roofy/Picture0009.jpg roofy

If for some weird reason the Beatles don't break the record, my overall hope for civilization will drop another notch. Emenim is a joke and an embarassment to music and the "gender" (his word) of rap music.


eminem is an old bastard these days.


Ted obviously knows nothing about Eminems music, He has sold over 75 million albums world wide for a reason.


The Beatles were there 40 years ago , with half of the band dead , they making it the list itself is great. Look other greats like Elvis Presely & Led zeppalin ,Rolling stones arent on the list . Moreover The Beatles are still hightest selling artist and sold over 1 billion records since 1963. About eminem he is only there becoz of this music videos & controversy.


oho! alex u think he is there bcoz of his contreversial vids. well thos comedy rap songs r his least popular songs he is there bcoz of his well crafted rap flow n high callibred lyricism. Eminem is the 1ly rappper 2 win an oscar he has 3 albums in rollingstones' 500 greatest albums he is also in their list of 100 greatest artists but the beatles r no 1 on that list. neway the beatles r legends bt wen it comes 2 lyricism i think some of eminem's lyrics r better than any other artists in the world. many ppl call him genius n i do think he is genius try dowloading som Eminem lyrics u will kno wat i'm talkin about. plus he also had a 5 years hatius 4m 2004 wo 2009 if he was still doin in these 5 years wat he does best. there wud b no competition he wud be by far the best sellinh artist of 21st century


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