Thank RZA For Jack White’s New Album

    If you liked the new Jack White solo album then you should thank long-time Wu-Tang member RZA. As revealed in a recent interview with White, the only reason why he started working on the record was because RZA had canceled his studio time leaving some time for White to record.

    As he explained to former MTV VJ Kennedy on 9.87FM in Los Angeles:

    “Before I started working on the album, I had zero songs. This album started [when] RZA had to cancel a session one day, we were going to do a 45. So I had nothing to do, with these musicians sitting around. So [I said], ‘I guess I’ll try something with you guys.’ And it turned into this. So then I started writing songs because a new vibe was happening. I’m very lucky that these moments happen. It could be the other way around, with me not knowing what to do for years.”

    Thanks, RZA! Although some new music from you would be welcomed as well.

    Check out the entire interview with White below. [Complex]