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Test Your Music Festival Crowd Knowledge

Sometimes you look at a gathering of shirtless dudes and it's really, really obvious they are fans of Alkaline Trio. Multiply that number by (feels like) a billion, factor in girls in bikini tops and angry pre-pubescent squirts with misguided hairstyles and you're probably accidentally at Warped Tour.

People generally match their music. To wit: of your friends that continue to wear Birkenstock sandals, how many of them unironically listen to jam bands? All two of them? You throw a bunch of these likeminded individuals into the same arena and you've got yourself a music festival. Lollapalooza, Coachella, Pitchfork... they all have a certain devotion, if you will.

The good people at BuzzFeed have created a quiz to test your knowledge of music festival devotees. See if you can guess the festival based only on a single crowd shot and years of hoarding stereotypes.

Hint: None of these is the Joe Pesci Pizza Festival (but this is a real thing!).

Take the test HERE.

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