Tera Melos Have a Whole Lot Going On

    It should come as no surprise that a band with as wiggy, far-reaching and inclusive a sound as Tera Melos have a whole hell of a lot going on. To summarize:

    1) Tera Melos covered The Pixies, The Beach Boys, The Clash, Rivers Cuomo and Polaris on their new EP Idioms Vol I, available for free at www.teramelosmusic.com.
    2) Tera Melos spent all of February holed up in a Los Angeles studio, recording their next album, slated for release through Sargent House toward the end of 2009.
    3) Tera Melos are on tour throughout March. Dates below.
    4) Tera Melos remixed and re-mastered Drugs to the Dear Youth, which Sargent House will graciously release on vinyl in time for an April tour.
    5) Tera Melos guitarist/vocalist Nick Reinhart and Hella drummer Zach Hill have a new album out in June 2009, by their new band bygones. Yet another Sargent House release.  

    Tera Melos Live:

    03.04 Fresno, CA: The Starline ###
    03.05 Santa Barbara, CA: Velvet Jones ###
    03.07 Anaheim, CA: Chain Reaction ###
    03.08 Anaheim, CA: Chain Reaction ###
    03.11 San Francisco, CA: Bottom Of The Hill ###
    03.12 Bakersfield, CA: The Dome ###
    03.13 San Luis Obispo, CA: Downtown Brewing Co ###
    03.14 Orangevale, CA: The Boardwalk ###
    03.18 Austin, TX: SXSW – The Music Gym (9pm)
    03.19 Austin, TX: SXSW – The Longbranch Inn (4:30 pm)
    03.20 San Antonio, TX: Rock Bottom Tattoo Bar ***
    03.21 Denton, TX: Rubbergloves Rehearsal ***
    03.22 Albuquerque, NM: Launchpad – ***
    03.23 Tuscon, AZ: Plush )also w/ Marnie Stern) ***
    03.24 San Diego, CA: Casbah (also w/ PRE and The Mae Shi) ***
    03.25 Apple Valley, CA: Angels Road House #2 ***
    03.26 Los Angeles, CA: Echoplex ***
    03.28 Sacramento, CA: Bluelamp ***

    ### = Direct support to RX Bandits
    *** = Direct support to These Arms Are Snakes