Tenacious D Recording New Tune for Fincher’s Reimagined Heavy Metal

    Fans of Tenacious D will have to wait a little bit longer for a full album, but the band is making a quick trip to the studio in hopes of landing a song on the soundtrack of David Fincher’s new Heavy Metal movie. Jack Black says that before he heads to England to film Gulliver’s Travels, he and Kyle Gass will lay down a track to submit for Fincher’s consideration. While the duo seems like a natural fit for the film, it’s a tall order to get a spot on the soundtrack. For starters, their work would have to be at least on par with the original soundtrack, which featured artists from Blue Oyster Cult and Cheap Trick to Nazareth, Donald Fagen, and Devo. It’s also possible that Tenacious D’s ironic take on metal won’t fit with the movie’s feel. If the original Heavy Metal had anything to teach us, it was that animated science fiction is serious business. [Entertainment Weekly]