Ten Minutes Of Rare Pete Seeger Footage Released

    In 1961 Michael and Philip Burton began shooting a short-form documentary titled “Wasn’t That a Time” that focused on individuals who were effected by rulings from the House Un-American Activities Committee. One of the subjects was the recently passed Pete Seeger.

    The below clip splices together ten minutes of the film that feature Seeger. None of this was previously available online and few have seen it. In the clips Seeger talks about the Constitution, music, performs “This Land Is Your Land” at New York City’s Town Hall, and you see him on his way to being sentenced for contempt for refusing to answer certain questions when he was called in by HUAC. (You can read Seeger’s testimony here.)

    According to Rolling Stone, the film debuted at the New Yorker Theater in 1962 and has had subsequent screenings at Anthology Film Archives in New York’s East Village, but never received full distribution.