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Tegan and Sara weigh in on the passage of California Proposition Eight

The passing of California's Proposition Eight  has brought protests from the gay and lesbian community at large, the Governator, social progressives, and many in the entertainment industry. Many scenarios are being discussed among those who opposed the proposition, including the effect of gobs of money coming from out of state religious groups and the increased turnout of socially conservative Obama voters.  Whatever the reason that the proposition passed, however, the main feeling right now is shock and sadness that what many considered to be an established right disappeared overnight. Blogging on Spinner, pop duo Tegan and Sara eloquently summed up the feelings of a lot people about the situation:


Sara: "Gay marriage" is not what is at stake. It's the right to choose to marry, the right to benefits, the right to adopt, the right to access the same set of rights extended to every citizen in the United States of America. Those rights do not extend to homosexuals. And it's f---ed up. And you should care, straight or gay, white or black. Canadian or American.


Tegan: My rage is slowly transforming. It started as a rock in my stomach. Then a fire in my heart. Yesterday it was a fog in my mind. As the days have passed, I'm becoming focused and I am starting to feel brave again. I want to rally and march and be proud. This morning I felt triumphant. 67% of people who voted No on Prop 8 were under 30! Change is coming! As Melissa Etheridge wrote in a recent article, "Gay people are born everyday. You'll never legislate that away."

As I type, I feel hopeful. Look how far we have come! As an example, below are some quotes from Paul Martin, the former Prime Minister of Canada, who, three years ago, stood before Parliament and defended the rights of gay people. I hope they give you the antidote you might need to turn back the effects of the rage you might be feeling in the wake of the Prop 8 debacle. Let it instead inspire you the way it did me. Let it promote movement and organization on your part to continue the fight for civil rights for all people. Let it remove the stain of this Proposition and instead give way to change.

"The rights of Canadians who belong to a minority group must always be protected by virtue of their status as citizens, regardless of their numbers. These rights must never be left vulnerable to the impulses of the majority."

"We must always remember that 'separate but equal' is not equal."
"We all are lessened when any one of us is denied a fundamental right."
"Our rights must be eternal, not subject to political whim."
"Over time, perspectives changed. We evolved, we grew, and our laws evolved and grew with us. That is as it should be. Our laws must reflect equality not as we understood it a century or even a decade ago, but as we understand it today."

–Paul Martin, former Prime Minister of Canada


The Quin sisters will be blogging for the next six weeks, but the repercussions from the passage of Propostion Eight will be felt far into the future. [Spinner]


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Tegan and Sara

There really isn't anything behind the banning of gay marriage other than unsubstantiated fear or ridiculous interpretations of the Bible. This proposition will become unconstitutional if this country has any promise.

F?cking christ, I can't really beleive that I'm living in a country that has outlawed the ability to love one another monogamously, and, as a result, have the support of the state.

And anyone sticking to the definition of marriage as a "christian institution" is living in a semantic fantasy land. Marriage has meant the state-supported union of two people for hundreds of years. The relatively recent separation of state from church doesn't change the fact that marriage has been seen as a state-supported status since the early medieval period (in western history).

People need to lay the f?ck off, and mind their own business. F?ck whomever you want, marry whomever you want. As long as you're committed and happy.

I still can't believe that this is even an issue.

What the f?ck is wrong with people?


What bothers me is the way religious types cherry pick from the bible. They'll cite passages that they purport say being gay is "immoral," but conveniently ignore other things the bible says that might affect them -- like where it says adulterers must be stoned and greed and gluttony are immoral, for example.

If you're gonna live by the bible, it has to be the whole thing, not a few carefully-chosen paragraphs. Now that gay marriage is banned in Cali, when do they pass the law where people can stone the zillions of adulterers?

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